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About Knights of Arcadia

Formed in Dark Iron's ancient past (a.k.a. August 2005), the Knights of Arcadia is a level 25 Alliance guild founded upon a fanatical appreciation of the Penny Arcade webcomic. While this tradition continues, the guild has evolved into one part of one of the most complex and diverse guild alliances on Dark Iron: the Penny Arcade Alliance, or PAA. The Knights of Arcadia has a large member roster (over 300 unique accounts) with a wide variety of playstyles. Each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal... Or that's the Breakfast Club. Still, whether you're a PVPer, a raider, a crafter, a socialite, a dungeon-crawler, or something in-between, as long as you can abide by our #1 rule -- don't be a dick -- you are likely to find a good time in the Knights of Arcadia.

For our guild members experiencing the site for the first time, please see the "Apply to Guild" link in the sidebar.  You must be applied and approved to access most of the site.

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